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Ecovacs Ozmo T8 launches to clean home, itself

Robot vacuums aren’t anything new, but a robot vacuum that can clean your home, then clean itself, then be made to mop up? Colour us intrigued.

We’re not quite in a future where robots will do all of your work for you, but as we get closer, the vacuum is beginning to get more interesting.

No longer just a sweeper content to push things to the side, robot vacuums move along the ground, sweeping dust and debris into a vacuum cleaner on the under carriage, typically waiting for you to clean the container later on.

But they’re getting better. Robot vacuums are getting more capable.

While the advanced ones can map a room and pick up on objects in their way, navigating safely while still continuing to work, others are now capable of emptying themselves and continue working, while a handful can do other things, too. Cleaning needn’t be just sucking gunk off the floor; what if a vacuum could clean by mop?

That’s something that might just be in reach these days, as Ecovacs releases another take on the robot vacuum cleaner, announcing the Deebot Ozmo T8, a variant of its robotic vacuum cleaners that not only includes the sweeper with the vacuum inside complete with mapping and navigation technology to work out rooms and objects inside, and not only can be paired with an automatic empty station, but can also mop the floor. Different from Ecovacs’ air purifier robot, these additions to its robotic cleaners are more about dealing with the floor, both what’s on it and what might be stuck to the surface of it.

Yes, vacuuming and mopping are both things a robot can do in your home, with the Ozmo T8 working with an optional automatic empty station to hold roughly 30 days worth of dirt and debris, while another optional extra — the Ecovacs Pro Oscillating Mopping System — uses a vibrating mopping pad with a water pump to basically retrofit the robotic vacuum to also clean the floor.

It’s essentially a double duty gadget, capable of clearing and cleaning, provided you have the accessory for the T8.

“Over the last three years, we have dedicated our efforts to promoting and educating Australians’ views about what they should expect in a robot vacuum in both performance and features,” said Karen Powell, Head of Ecovacs Robotics in Australia and New Zealand.

“In turn, Australians have embraced Ecovacs over this time, and I’m delighted that we have been able to grow such that we are now the market leader in robot vacuums in Australia across a range of metrics,” she said.

“The Deebot Ozmo T8 and our new accessories launched today continue this commitment to innovate and launch new products into the market that will live up to the expectation of delivering the best cleaning experience.”

Ecovacs’ Ozmo Pro Mopping System doesn’t yet have a price, but will arrive in November. Before that, however, the Auto Empty System can be found now for $399, on top of the $999 Ozmo T8. A variant with both the T8 and the Auto Empty System can be found together for $1299 in the Ozmo T8+.

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