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Ecovacs launches a robotic vac to deal with pet hair

Whether you have a cat, dog, or just a very furry bird, the latest robotic vacuum is focused on pet hair, alongside the other dust and debris in your home.

Folks who have a furry human in their lives know all too well that the member of their family that sheds the most isn’t likely to weird human clothes, but rather something more belonging to the feline or canine variety. The occasional dog sweater and kitten mittens might be the most those family members wear, but that won’t prevent them from shedding their hair and fur all over the place, practically filling a vacuum without any problems whatsoever.

Families with pet members typically end up emptying their vacuums a little faster than their regular human-only family counterparts, and it might mean getting a specific grade of vacuum that deals with pet hair, which can be longer, thicker, and easily accumulated in corners far too easily.

With that in mind, robotic vacuum maker Ecovacs has built something for the purpose, releasing a style of its regular robo-vac releases to deal with the big shedders, arriving in the Ecovacs Deebot U2 Pro.

While the name doesn’t give away the robo-vac’s purpose, the machine is basically a circular robotic vacuum cleaner that can go about doing its thing, but arrives with a Pet Care Kit to pick up the extent of fur that drops, basically covering 800ml of fur in a dust-bin — an extra large vacuum dust bin — complete with a tangle-free brush help prevent the vacuum from jamming. Granted, that Pet Care Kit’s extra-large container is an accessory, but take it off and you should find the Deebot U2 Pro can have the mopping tank installed — it’s one or the other — with the vacuum also able to mop the floor, with a dual mop and vacuum system able to deal with up to 400ml of dst, and handle 300ml of water for the mop.

The system can also talk to your smart assistant at home, connecting to Amazon Echo and Google Home smart systems, so the Ecovacs robotic vacuum can basically run in the background, supporting a 150 minute battery that should be able to make its way back home and work when you’re not there. There’s no guarantee it won’t annoy the furry human in your life, but it should eventually learn to get along, ideally when it realises the vacuum is trying to help the house remain clear of its excess shedding.

“Just as owners would do anything for their pets, they would also do anything to find a reliable solution to cleaning up pet hair, especially during shedding season,” said Karen Powell, Head of Ecovacs Robotics in Australia and New Zealand.

“The Deebot U2 Pro, designed especially for pet owners, takes some of our most popular features including mopping and navigation and teams it with a specialty Pet Care Kit that can tackle any hairy situation,” she said. “It’s another way that we can continue to free up time to enable people to do more of what they love while we take care of the cleaning!”

Locally in Australia, the Deebot U2 Pro can be found with that extra-large Pet Care Kit for a recommended retail price of $599.

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