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Circles.Life offers mobile users in lockdown 100GB for $1

Victorians stuck in lockdown don’t have it easy, but Circles.Life is hoping to get them on side with a deal that could see them get 100GB of mobile downloads for not much at all.

No one likes the pandemic situation we’re in, but if you’re looking to score a slight win, it might come from some of the mobile deals happening about the place.

Provided you’re in Victoria, you may be able to snag a deal for inexpensive mobile data while the state’s lockdown is in effect, with recent mobile carrier entrant Circles.Life offering a 100GB mobile data allowance for one dollar. It’s a change from the usual cost of the plan, which typically goes for $38 monthly, offering that 100GB of data plus unlimited text and phone calls.

Available just to Victorians until roughly when lockdown ends, the plan could give folks not happy with their mobile service something inexpensive to try out, without any lock-ins, potentially allowing you to try the Circles.Life service before it goes back to the regular $38 monthly plan cost.

“Now more than ever, with the increased data usage that comes with everybody being stuck at home, keeping telecommunications affordable is vital to support Victorians to stay connected,” said Kristen Holden, Head of Circles.Life in Australia.

“We hope that this initiative will, in some way, alleviate the financial stress many Victorians are facing and give them more power to manage their mobile expenses,” she said.

With the possibility of an extended lockdown on the cards for Victoria, Circles.Life has said its $1 plan will continue until October 20th, but noted to Pickr that if the lockdown went longer, the company would review things.

From October 20 without an intervention by the company, that $1 plan will revert to a $38 plan, though customers will be able to downgrade to a $28 plan, or switch away to another telco.

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