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Telstra to give old customers free data

Telstra customers with an old plan that might not be so data friendly are about to get some free gigs here and there.

Freebies are always nice, especially when they can help you feel like you’re getting something extra just for being the awesome person you know you are.

A free yoghurt on the way to the train? Slightly better for you than the free donut you passed up (and that you’re beginning to regret doing so).

Free data is like that, because we’re so used to being charged extra for every download, so it’s nice to know that isn’t always going to be the case.

This week, Telstra is letting some one million customers know about some free data coming their way. It’ll head to people on older Telstra plans, delivering between 15GB and 60GB of data to folks who might be getting by with a single lone gigabyte — 1GB — every month.

Customers who qualify for the extra data will be notified by SMS and email, though they may see it anywhere between now and January. Telstra says there are three phases for this program, with 150,000 customers seeing the additional download quota around now, while 350,000 other customers will see it from late-August. The rest of that million (over it, actually) will see it later in the year.

A representative for Telstra told Pickr that the reason for these additions comes off the back of its plan changes earlier in the year, with the data additions essentially providing more for customers who might be on old plans and haven’t felt the need to change.

If that’s you, more data is on the way, so it might be worth paying attention to this inboxes in the coming weeks and months.

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