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Star Wars edition of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Samsung, Star Wars team for limited edition Note10+

If the force is with you or you’d like it to be, the limited edition Star Wars Note 10+ just might be the droid you’re looking for.

The end of the Skywalker Saga is in sight, with one last Skywalker Star Wars film coming at the end of the year. With it will likely come new toys, clothes, and merch galore, and one of those things is a phone.

Feel like showing the world how much of a Star Wars fan-person you are every time you take out your phone? If you’re shopping for a new phone and had been eyeing one of Samsung’s best phones of the year, the Galaxy Note 10+, you might be in luck, because Samsung has built a Star Wars edition of the Note 10+ that not only gets a new look for the film, but some extra bits and pieces.

Unsurprisingly, it’s called the “Star Wars Special Edition Galaxy Note10+”, and it comes adorned in Kylo Ren armour, complete with a bad guy themed box, a Kylo Ren stamp on the back of an included phone case, and a red pen, reminiscent of the red lightsaber, though obviously not exactly like the lightsaber, otherwise you’d be holding burning light and not a pen for the screen. The phone itself doesn’t get dramatic changes, and is more just accented. You’ll find a red rim around the camera, plus a Star Wars logo and the Imperial design from the new film on the back as well.

Samsung has matching black wireless Galaxy Buds in the package with a red interior, plus a metal badge in the box, and then there’s the digital gear. We haven’t seen an exhaustive list, but Samsung says buyers of the Note10+ Star Wars edition will see exclusive wallpapers, themes, stickers, animations, icons, and sounds for the Star Wars phone.

One thing you do have to be cool with is knowing that there’s no release for Rey, Finn, BB-8, and the good guys, as this edition of the phone is clearly just the baddies. While we’re not entirely sure what “The Rise of Skywalker” will do with Kylo Ren, Samsung’s Star Wars phone seems focused entirely on him.

If you’re good for that, the other point you have to deal with in the Star Wars Note10+ is availability, and just how limited it will be. In Australia, pre-orders kick in from November 25, with availability from December 12 at a recommended retail price of $1999.

Samsung wouldn’t tell us just how limited this “limited edition” would be, however, noting that there would be “a very limited amount of devices available in the Australian market”. We’re not sure if that means five, ten, or fifty, but it does seem to suggest that if you want the Kylo Ren edition of the Note10+, you might want to get in there fairly quickly, otherwise this won’t be the droid you’re looking for.

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