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Razer adds pink to its typically black and green gadgets

Prefer a splash of colour compared to fifty shades of black? Razer’s dark gaming gear is going pink for Valentines, arriving in laptops, mice, arcade sticks, and more.

Is black the new beige? We’re not sure, but Razer seems keen to make its gear a little more interesting, as the gaming focused company that typically delivers black hardware accented with green tries on a new colour: quartz.

Or “pink”, as most people will call it.

Officially, it’s “Quartz Pink”, and it’s a colour scheme that will come to peripherals like the Razer Basilisk mouse, the Huntsman keyboard, the Kraken headset, and the Seiren X microphone.

But in a first for Razer, it will also made a pink laptop, releasing a pink Blade Stealth 13, though it won’t be coming to Australia that we know of.

“Our fans told us they could not get enough of our Quartz Pink editions,” said Razer’s Min-Liang Tan.

“We listened and we have given the stunning pink treatment to our latest gaming gear, giving you the unfair advantage in both performance and looks,” he said.

The gaming gear that will be coming also includes a mouse mat, a PlayStation 4 controller, and a case for its Razer Phone 2, but that Quartz Blade Stealth is a US, Canada, and China laptop only. We’re guessing you could probably ship it in if you want, but with a price of $1599 USD, you’ll need to be ready to spend on the laptop and possibly a little more for shipping.

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