OneForAll builds a TV stand for minimalists without big TVs

If you can’t wall mount your TV and you’re tired of your home entertainment unit, OneForAll might have something for you depending on your TV size.

With TVs going practically bezel free these days and looking like they’re right out of the future, it’s not always easy to get the look right in your own home.

Some will look better mounted on the wall than say attached to the stand they came with, but not everyone can wall mount. Renters may be stuck in that uneasy situation where they’re not sure about drilling into the wall, and so are left with a TV that doesn’t look its best on a wooden home entertainment unit that they may have assembled with a hex key of sorts.

And sure, you can find better home entertainment units, of course, but if you’re after a minimalist design, little beats wall mounting, since it does away with the need to put things somewhere. Things like the TV and soundbar, if you happen to have one.

Amber Technology, however, looks to be bringing in a possible solution to folks in Australia, with the launch of a TV stand built in a similar way to a tripod.

Looking very much like legs for an old camera tripod, the One For All (that’s the name of the brand) Universal TV Stand has been designed in the Netherlands using wood and metal in a way that makes it built like a tripod, but for your TV and soundbar.

We’re told the stand can rotate 360 degrees and is height adjustable, with a way to mount a TV and soundbar to the tripod to hold it off the ground.

You’re not going to want a massive TV for the One For All Universal TV Stand, though, with the tripod-like legs holding up screens sized between 32 and 65 inches at a maximum, and holding a maximum weight of 30 kilograms.

Depending on the TV you have, it could weigh close to that 30kg mark or even under, so make sure to check your TV dimensions in either the documentation that came with it or the website of the manufacturer you bought it, otherwise you could be left with a stand that can’t hold your screen up.

However if you’re good on the size and weight side of things, you’ll find the One For All Universal TV Stand at select retailers and stockists across the country for a recommended retail price of $399.

One For All Universal TV stand

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