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Motorola’s foldable RAZR leaks a different take on the foldable

What could be a brand new foldable from a leak reveals a handset that isn’t trying to be a big tablet, but something smaller altogether.

The foldable phone world is so new, not many people have one. In fact, fewer people have them now than they did a couple of weeks ago, especially now that Samsung has taken them back and delayed the launch of its Galaxy Fold handset.

But the foldable movement marches on and waits for no one, and we’ve even heard Samsung’s rivals will have plenty ready very shortly.

Huawei’s Mate X springs to mind as one of its major competitors, but it may not be the only one, and Motorola could be working on something of its own.

In fact, if a recent leak is anything to go by, Motorola could well be taking a different approach.

While most of the foldables we’re seeing appear to be focused on the conversion of a tablet to a phone, the image of Motorola’s brand new RAZR shown over at leak website Slashleaks by LeakSpinner reveals a slightly different focus for foldable design: it will fold to get smaller, not bigger.

Imagine if a foldable phone folded into something smaller for your pocket, reminiscent of what the original RAZR phone did, the flip phone with the steel-cut keypad and a screen on the inside, and a majorly successful phone for Motorola at that.

Subsequent touchscreen versions of the RAZR weren’t major successes, not to the extent of the flip phone of the same name, but if this is real, Motorola could really have a playful attempt on what the foldable phone could be when it’s interpreted beyond that of a phone-tablet hybrid.

As to whether it’s real, we’ll know as soon as Motorola officially announces the new RAZR. Here’s hoping it won’t take too long.

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