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Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth AR launches in Australia

If you or your kids like Minecraft, there’s a new version out, and it’s one aimed at bringing the world of Minecraft to the real world you step foot in.

The block building world of Minecraft is about to take a turn for the real, as Microsoft launches the game into augmented reality.

Announced earlier in the year, Minecraft Earth is now ready for prime time, with gamers on both an iOS for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, or Android users on phone and tablet, able to enjoy a version of the game that takes place in this reality rather than just the world of the game.

It’s not quite the Minecraft learn to code title that you might have your kids play, but is more like the actual Minecraft title, except mixed with the camera of your phone and tablet. In fact Minecraft Earth is essentially Minecraft AR, with augmented reality connecting the two worlds, allowing you to build in a giant multiplayer experience, with more Minecraft features rolling out over time.

Right now, Minecraft Earth is in early access, almost a beta of sorts, as Microsoft tweaks and tunes the title before it is released to the rest of the world by the year’s end. Each week, Microsoft says it will add more countries, effectively creating a Minecraft world that is playable by the actual world by the beginning of next year.

However Australians can get there largely on ground zero, with Minecraft Earth available for play now.

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