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Logitech K580 wireless multi-device keyboard

Logitech’s latest keyboard is meant for phone, computer

Your phone can be used for more than just phone calls, and if you’re someone who likes to write at length, the latest keyboard from Logitech could be the go.

Regardless of how fast your fingers are when it comes to gliding and swiping on the surface of your smartphone’s touchscreen, there’s a good chance your fingers are still faster yet again on a keyboard. That’s a gadget we’re taught to use from an early age, with larger keys, the design, and of course a tactile feedback and travel adding to the ease of use with which we spell out messages.

It’s a different experiencing typing on a phone, because while you can punch out messages fairly quickly and likely quite confidently, you’re probably faster on a keyboard.

The keyboard you use for your computer, specifically. You are very likely much faster and more comfortable writing messages on a proper physical keyboard than you are an on-screen one, and that wouldn’t be so unusual.

However it is a little unusual to use a physical desktop keyboard to type messages on your phone, but it doesn’t have to be.

A recent addition to Logitech’s keyboard range offers up a multi-device model that can work with your computer, but also connect with a phone or tablet, and even offers a little spot on the keyboard to rest a phone.

The Logitech K580 is a wireless keyboard built to work with either Bluetooth or Logitech’s own receiver, with a crevice designed to rest a phone either vertically or horizontally, connecting to phones using Bluetooth just as if it were another Bluetooth gadget like a pair of headphones.

The keyboard itself allows you to switch between using the Logitech receiver and the Bluetooth connection, meaning if you plug the Logitech receiver into your computer and use Bluetooth for your phone, you should be able to jump between typing on your computer and your phone very easily.

Think of it this way: the next time you get a message on your phone, you can use the keyboard to type it out, switching from your computer to your phone and back again, all with minimal effort. It might even make it seem like you’re not using your phone at all.

Outside of the switching technology and that cute little cradle, the Logitech K580 wireless keyboard will go to sleep when you’re not using it, helping the keyboard to reach at max around two years of battery life.

You may need to check if your phone and its case fits in the nook made for the phone, but if it doesn’t, you can always take it out of the case when it’s in the keyboard, and throw it back on when you take ito it.

Truth be told, about the only thing missing is a way to charge the phone in the Logitech K580, with no plug port for Lightning, microUSB, or USB Type C in the design, and no wireless charging. Perhaps we’ll see wireless charging in a later version.

For now, you can find the Logitech K580 multi-device wireless keyboard for $79.95 at stores across Australia.

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