GoPro launches a break and replace program

Adventurers aren’t always so lucky with product durability, and anyone that has grimaced when their camera meets the sickening crack of the ground gets that. If it had been a GoPro, though, a replacement might have been free.

GoPro cameras have a habit of being used in situations that many of us wouldn’t dare try. The promo videos suggest surfing, skiing, skateboarding, and other activities that don’t begin with “s” and aren’t necessarily for the faint of heart, but they can all leave even cameras labelled as an “action camera” out of action.

Don’t get us wrong: action cameras tend to be quite durable, but there’s a limit to how much anything is when it comes to sturdiness. Durability has maximums, and if you’ve ever seen a GoPro come falling down to ground only to hear an ugly crunch, you know all too well that durability doesn’t extend to all situations.

But that’s something GoPro is at least game to help out with.

This week, GoPro has announced a program kicking off in 30 countries across the world, Australia included, where if a subscribed GoPro customer breaks their GoPro, it will be replaced, no questions asked, according to the company, anyway.

It’s part of GoPro’s Global Plus Subscription service, a program that will apparently cost a little $7.49 per month, though there is a 30 day trial, with the program offering unlimited cloud storage as well as those camera replacements, and a good 50 percent off mounts and accessories purchased from the GoPro website.

“Part of what makes a GoPro special is that you can use it in any situation,” said Nick Woodman, CEO and Founder of GoPro.

“With the GoPro Plus damaged camera replacement benefit, subscribers can have the confidence that their camera is covered, no questions asked,” he said.

While GoPro does say that there are no questions asked for the replacements, it does put a limit on the models, with the program only working on up to two cameras per year for the same model, and the cameras being a Hero5 or newer. GoPro confirmed to Pickr that it doesn’t apply to its Karma Drone, which it doesn’t sell anymore.

However the program does start now, and exists in Australia, alongside Japan, Spain, Germany, France, New Zealand, the UK, and the United States.

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