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Dyson's electric car manufacturing plant being built in Singapore

Dyson ends electric car project

If you’ve been looking forward to see what Dyson had in store for vehicles, there’s some less than fantastic news this week, as Dyson kills its electric car project.

The proposed 2020 date for Dyson’s electric car project seems to have been delayed for good, as the Dyson Automotive team ends the project this week.

The news comes from a tweet and a blog post from Dyson, where the company’s founder, James Dyson, posted a statement stating the team had developed a fantastic car, but that Dyson “simply cannot make it commercially viable”.

As a result of this, Dyson has ended its aspirations to build an electric car, at least for the foreseeable future, meaning there won’t be a Dyson Car in the company’s immediate future. It’s likely you’ll see parts of the research make its way to other aspects of the Dyson products later on, and we imagine the battery side of things will be a part of that, given the battery requirements of an electric car wouldn’t have been small.

It’s sad news because many of us have been curious to see what a car would look like from a brand with little experience in cars, yet with considerable experience developing practical and innovative products to help change the world.

Sadly, it seems this one won’t make the same impact as the rest of Dyson’s products. Perhaps in time we’ll see an example of what Dyson was proposing, if it ever restarts again.

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