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Dali iO-6 headphones

Dali dabbles in wireless, ANC with iO headphones

Wireless headphones and battery life don’t always mix, but a couple of options from loudspeaker brand Dali look to impress with some seriously interesting numbers.

Everyone has a pair of headphones these days, and that includes the makers of high-end audio, too, as Dali’s presence in loudspeakers looks to make waves in headphones, too.

While it normally builds speakers, the Danish designers at Dali are switching gears for its latest gadget, expanding into headphones with the “iO”.

Two models of the Dali iO are being released to Australia, with both offering wireless sound through Bluetooth 5.0 and supporting aptX, and leveraging an around-the-ear design. Both rely on a 50mm driver and include support for a 3.5mm connection, charging off USB Type C. Where they differ, however, is with the battery and cancellation support.

On the Dali iO-4, there’s no noise cancellation, yet a battery that supports up to 60 hours per charge. Meanwhile, on the iO-6, Dali cuts the battery life to a maximum of 30 hours, yet includes active noise cancellation.

Both are designed very similarly, complete with a transparency mode that switches on the microphones to let you hear through the headphones, and a multi-function button that sits in the logo on the right ear cup.

But the main difference appears to be the battery life and cancellation, the latter of which doesn’t appear to be adaptive, but is apparently designed to quell noise from flights, offices, and other environments.

There’s also a $200 price difference between the models, with the Dali iO-4 wireless headphones without noise cancellation costing $499, while the iO-6 with noise cancellation will cost $699. Select stockists should be seeing the headphones across the country, with Dali’s headphones available shortly.

Dali iO-4 and iO-6 headphones

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