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Amaysim updates plans for more data

Thinking of switching carriers? Amaysim might tempt you over as it changes up mobile plans to boost data.

Finding the right mobile plan isn’t always easy, and often comes with the choice of a new phone, but if you don’t care about the latter and are looking to save some cash, you have options.

There are numerous mobile providers in Australia looking to help with that last part, and one of them has been bolstering its data offering this past week to let you get the most out of what you pay for.

Data is typically the big question mark mobile users struggle with, especially now that phone services tend to offer unlimited calls and texts in with plans, while the rest of the plan is generally for mobile data.

It’s an area Amaysim is looking to help out with, coming off the back of research that mobile data use is growing, thanks in part to an update in streaming services. Whether you rely on music services like Spotify or Apple Music, or lean more on streaming video options like Netflix, Stan, Amazon, or just plain ol’ catch-up TV, chances are that your data use is going up alongside a bunch of other Australians.

And that’s where the new Amaysim plans come in, detailing options ranging from $20 to $50 every 28 days, with a fair chunk of data included on most of them.

At the $20 mark, there’s 5GB of data on offer, while the $30 plan boosts that 25GB to 30GB monthly. Alternatively, the $40 and $50 plans will offer 45GB and 60GB respectively, with every option in the range providing unlimited talk, unlimited text, and the odd international inclusion depending on where you call and how long for, with unlimited standard international calls to ten countries on the $30, $40, and $50 plans.

“Amaysim offers some of the country’s most competitive and affordable SIM-only plans and we know Australians are increasingly data-hungry, so we’ve ramped up the data,” said Isaac Ward, Chief Commercial Officer at Amaysim.

Like other Amaysim plans before them, these ones lack a lock-in contract, meaning customers can switch between the options as they want to without incurring a penalty for jumping across plans.

Amaysim does not presently sell smartphones, however, so if you’re looking for a way to bundle in a new phone with the new plans, you’ll want to consider a phone from elsewhere. Given how many stores still sell phones, however, we’d say you definitely have options.

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