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Samsung’s Wall could make TVs home decor

When is a TV not a TV? When it’s a wall, something Samsung demonstrated at CES 2018.

Every time you check out a TV, it’s an actual thing: a panel encased in a design holding electronics and a stand to keep it up.

It’s a thing, a physical thing that you need to place in your home, usually against a wall, and that’s something electronics companies have begun to think about. Good design is crucial and something people are now beginning to think about in their homes, so making that a priority is important when consumers think about buying a TV.

But what if the TV didn’t have to be a thing you placed against a wall? What if the TV could be the wall itself?

That’s a concept Samsung has been toying with in its modular micro LED concept, something it is demonstrating in “The Wall”.

Almost like the sort of thing meant for big businesses and stores, Samsung’s modular micro LEDs take blocks of LEDs that can connect together for a 4K Ultra HD TV of your own size choice.

It could be very big or very small, but either way, the result is quite clear, with Samsung’s concept delivering something interesting in a display that is bright, clear, and massive.

It’s hard not to expect Samsung’s Wall of micro LEDs to feature a relatively sizeable price, and that’s if it ever makes it out of concept stage. However given that Samsung has practically gone all in for LED TVs, a development of any kind that transcends standard television design is nice to see.

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