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Nintendo brings cardboard crafting to vehicles

Nintendo’s creative cardboard concept that is “Labo” is about to expand its imaginative idea somewhere else: the open road.

We’ll always be suckers for things that make us feel more like kids at heart, and there’s nothing more capable of doing that than the cardboard box.

The humble box that Bart almost became, it can be used for so much, from packing to makeshift space craft, and soon it’ll be used to drive a car, fly a plane, and operate a submarine, with Nintendo making all three of those possible and then some with its addition to the Labo concept.

For those who don’t know, Labo was an addition to Nintendo’s line-up earlier in the year, bringing gaming together with cardboard crafting so that gamers could connect a Nintendo Switch with the magic of actual physical objects you had to assemble with your hands.

Come September, there’ll be an addition to that system, with the Labo Vehicle Kit, which will add a joystick for flight control, a pedal to pump the gas, and more.

You’ll be able to add your own bits and pieces to customise the hardware, while Nintendo’s Toy-Con Garage software will connect the cardboard creations to gaming experiences.

We’re told there’s no scissors, tape, or glue required to assemble the pieces of hardware, making them ideal for the family, and something that can spread that fun to the video game world.

You will need a Nintendo Switch if you plan to play along beyond making the cardboard concepts, but given how easily they’re found, we’re sure that won’t be a problem.

Nintendo’s Labo Vehicle Kit will hit stores September 14, though, so you have some time.

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