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Logitech lets Socceroo fans make a statement with mice

Need another way to show you’re a fan of the Socceroos? You don’t just have to get in the spirit with a jersey or a scarf, because there’s mice, too.

World Cup is nearly here, and that means time to get out the jumpers, the beanies, the scarves, balls, and other highly branded soccer merchandise to let your local team know from afar that you are cheering for them.

This year, you can add another type of fan-friendly mercy to the pile, as Logitech unveils mice colours in the styles of some of the World Cup’s major teams.

The Logitech mice in question are wireless models a part of the M238 notebook range, making them small enough to travel with, but not necessarily made for the desk.

Logitech’s new M238 collection is coloured for this big sports-ball game happening shortly.

However, you’ll find them able to work for up to a year on a single pre-installed battery, with the colours of either Spain, England, Brazil, or yes, Australia.

“Emotions are high for this year’s global football gamers, and fans want to show off their national pride and true colours,” said Damian Lenore, Managing Director of Logitech in Australia and New Zealand.

“The 2081 Fan Collection takes one of our most popular selling mice, the M238, and gives you a way to root for your team while working and supporting your favourite national team,” he said.

While they do come in four sporty colour varieties, they’re also quite inexpensive, grabbing a recommended retail price from JB HiFi for $24.95, and available in the next couple of weeks (mid-June).

Or if you’re not so much into soccer, and your partner gets you up early to watch a ball get kicked around a field, you can always find the Logitech M238 mouse with other designs, or even a better mouse in ordinary black or grey. You know, just in case you don’t care about showing team colours. If you’re into that.

The standard M238 comes with quirky designs. Or you can just get just about any other mouse in the standard colours.
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