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JBL’s latest headphones lighten up noise cancellation

Noise cancellation headphones invariably arrive as high-priced big ear-covering cans, but the latest pair from JBL aims to lighten the load and wallet.

There’s little doubt that cutting through the noise of the world is one of the best uses for noise cancellation technology, and while it was initially developed for silencing engine noise on aircraft, the tech has grown.

Granted, it still can’t block out most people, but it can drown out the world as you go walk about, helping to keep you immersed in your sounds.

But one thing quite a few noise cancelling headsets have in common is the size: often, these headphones tend to surround the ear, immersing you not only in a world of sound, but your ears as a whole.

That’s a look that not everyone goes for and a style that doesn’t work for all, and it’s one that JBL is lightening the load for in its latest headphones.

This week, it’s introducing the TUNE600BTNC, a name that kind of says everything about them: they play tunes, are from the 600 series, and support both Bluetooth and noise cancellation.

Aside for a model name in uppercase that gives everything away, the JBL TUNE600BTNC relies on lightweight materials and an on-ear design to keep the pair light, while a look that sports either wireless connection through Bluetooth or wired through cable means you have a couple of ways to listen.

If you opt for without a cable, JBL says the headphones should last around 12 hours with noise cancellation switched on, while the cable can be run with or without noise cancellation technology.

The headphones also fold up and are made for portability, with the package coming in at a hair under $150, making them a relatively inexpensive pair of noise cancelling cans.

They’ll come in three colours — blue, black, and pink — and will likely extend on from where the JBL Everest noise cancelling cans were, but smaller for a little more portability.

As for where you can find them, select retailers across the country appears to be the where, though hopefully we’ll have a review shortly, too, so look out.

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