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Interdyn offers a care kit for friends of vinyl

If you’re not quite sure how to clean your record player, you’re probably not alone. Fortunately, there’s a kit made to help just that.

You may not realise it, but vinyl records and record players need care and maintenance. Without love and a bit of work, and neither will sound amazing, which is the very reason you choose vinyl to begin with: it sounds amazing.

It pops and occasionally crackles, and it gives off the sound that is more mellow to the ears than the crystal clear clarity on offer from a compact disc. Vinyl is usually only matched by lossless audio served from a fantastic source made to deliver that lovely tone, and between them, it’s a fierce fight.

We choose vinyl for that experience, and there’s really no other medium like it, but if you don’t care for vinyl or the player that runs the vinyl, your experience diminishes.

Caring for vinyl can be a complicated and expensive process. You need specific brushes, specific liquid mixtures, and some time not only to do it, but to find where these things are.

A local distributor has put together all the parts in a package that looks rather like a rectangular wine box, only there’s no wine inside. Instead, it comes with the bits and pieces needed to clean up vinyl and a record player.

Interdyn is responsible for this, with the “Vinylcare” pack built to include the things needed to make sure vinyl sounds its best, and that a good record player is working with the best it can.

There’s a cartridge alignment card to check alignment of the record player, a tracking force gauge, a spirit level, and some vibration absorption feet for the record player to stop a turntable from sending the shakes to the sound.

It also comes with a way to clean dust from the cartridg head and needle, a screw driver, and two things to clean records, with a brush and a bottle of vinyl clean which uses a goop to clean the dust and grit from the grooves of the record.

“Our goal is to make sure that everyone gets maximum enjoyment out of their record collection,” said Evgeny Vizelman, Director of Interdyn.

“Vinyl is a way of life, and our Vinylcare Pack is designed to help everyone keep their turntable at its very best, from the casual listener to the obsessive record-hunter,” he said.

You’ll find Interdyn’s Vinylcare pack at specialist audio stores across Australia and the Pro-ject Audio site for $149 shortly.

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