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AOC gets a 31 inch gaming screen well below $1000

Remember when big computer screens were expensive, and easily hit over a grand? Those days appear to be over, and AOC is pushing a big screen for barely over the $500 mark for gamers this year.

The bigger and faster the screen, the better it is for gamers. Immersion is a key point for entertainment, and just how you might prefer a bigger screen to immerse you in the action, PC gamers prefer a bigger screen themselves.

It shouldn’t be so big that they can’t move their eyes from one part of the picture to the other in a fast enough time that they risk a sneaky move by a foe, but it should still be big enough.

For a long time, it was 24 inches, and then 28 inches, and now it seems we’re at the 31 inch mark, which is where a recent screen from AOC is hitting, found in AOC’s Agon AG3222QC4, a real mouthful of a name that you can probably just regard as the “AOC Agon 31.5 inch screen”. It’s just easier that way.

It’s also a curved 31.5 inch screen, which helps with the immersion angle because it’s a little larger and encompassing, able to help the eye move from one corner of the screen to the other.

That will make it suitable for gamers, and while PC gamers are the focus here, support for five inputs — one VGA, two HDMI, and two DisplayPort — will mean gamers with other devices should be able to plug their consoles in, using the screen for something else, PC gaming or otherwise.

AOC’s Agon includes features built for gamers, such as a fast 4 millisecond screen response time, a 144Hz panel, HDR support for DisplayHDR 400, and support for AMD FreeSync 2 to keep PC games crisp and connected. It also has a frame counter to track the frame rate of a game and support for the Quad HD resolution of 2560×1440.

You’ll find AOC’s Agon AG322QC4 31.5 inch screen in select stores for $639 locally. ”

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