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Alexa talks to Santa for the season

Dasher, Dancer, Vixen and Rudolph will get a showing tonight, and not just though the sky, as Alexa talks Christmas for the season.

There’s a big man expected this evening carrying presents in a bag, but if you have an Amazon Alexa-enabled speaker at home already unwrapped, you can add a skill or two and get Alexa talking Christmas ahead of time.

As part of a slew of seasonal skills, Amazon has rolled out a holiday song quiz to let you guess the right Christmas song (“Alexa, start Holiday Song Quiz”), a skill to you to hear Christmas Carols without needing to be quizzed (“Alexa, open Christmas Carols”), and even get some inspiration for Christmas cocktails (“Alexa, open Cocktail King”).

There’s also a Santa Tracker built in, with the “Alexa, where’s Santa?” starting it up, and telling you where Santa is.

Alexa can also answer a bunch of Christmas-related questions, such as whether you’ve been naughty or nice, give your a festive fact, read a Christmas story, or give a quote from a Christmas movie including the coriander of Christmas films, “Die Hard”. Ho, ho, ho.

It’s just one of the ways Amazon’s Alexa speakers have embraced the season, while another will let your kids write a letter to Santa using only their voice, with a Santa Letter Blueprint making that happen, though given the day, they may want to do it quickly.

You’ll find these skills working on Amazon’s Alexa-enabled speakers now, including the Echo, Echo Spot, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Plus, and Ultimate Ears Blast.

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