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Oppo makes its R11 sporting with Barcelona FC

Mobile phones typically come in a few colour options these days. Black. White. Silver. Gold. Oppo’s latest edition of the R11 takes it to a new level, though.

Outside of the odd phone case, smartphones rarely let the world see the sports-team you follow.

Sure, you can dress that iPhone in a neat case that proudly tells the world you love the Socceroos, the Swans, the Rabbitohs, the Texas Rangers, or the New Orleans Saints (who dat?), but you’re still covering that phone in a case.

Oppo has other plans, it seems, but only if you happen to be a major fan of FC Barcelona.

If you do fit in that category, the mobile phone maker has announced that a special edition of its dual-camera R11 smartphone will be gracing Australia’s shores in the club’s colours, offering the smartphone in red, blue, and gold, complete with an 18K gold-plated FC Barcelone badge on the back.

We’re told this has come to life as part of the partnership with FC Barcelona, something that extents until 2018, and which includes this variation of the R11 phone, which itself will retail for $50 more than the standard R11.

Priced at $699, Oppo’s FC Barcelona R11 will also arrive with a theme made for fans of the football club, but everything else about the phone is more or less identical to what we saw in our recent review, with Oppo merely applying a new coat of paint, a badge, and a theme for the folks that happen to be big enough fans of the football club.

And if that’s you, no worries, because now a phone can match how you feel, with the Oppo R11 FC Barcelona edition available online strictly from JB HiFi.

Identical in every way, except for a paint job and a badge.
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