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Samsung’s Note 7 isn’t just discontinued, it’s disconnected

The Galaxy Note 7 has had its ups and downs this year, because while it grabbed accolades, it also suffered major problems and was recalled. And now there’s one more nail in the coffin.

If you still have a Note 7 and haven’t had the heart to take it back, surviving every day on a maximum 60 percent charge because that’s the limit Samsung imposed at the state of the second recall, your phone is about to become even more useless.

It turns out that there is a way to make a handicapped phone just that much more handicapped: disconnect it altogether.

That’s precisely what Samsung will be doing with the Note 7 devices still in the market, working with Australian telcos to make sure they don’t connect to various networks.

This means that from December 15 when Australian telcos start disconnecting Note 7 devices from their network, the phone will cease to really be a phone, operating as a small media player with barely half a charge and a pen.

And that brings the Note 7 chapter to another end, so if you have one, either shut it off and call it a collectible, left to gather dust in a drawer of the home, or take it back to the store or telco you bought it from and replace it with something else.

As unhappy as we all are that the year’s best phone is now a discontinued entry in the range and a blip of drama in history, it’s time to move on.

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