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One more Apple event coming up, expect a few Macs

It’s the end of the year, and while we’ve seen some cool gadgets and some great new phones, where are the new Macs? The answer to that could be known this time next week.

If you’re a Mac owner or someone who just really digs Apple’s computers, you may be asking yourself where oh where are Apple’s newest computers. Indeed, neither the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or even the humble iMac have seen updates this year, prompting many to question when these bad boys were going to drop.

There’s good news if that’s where your mind is wandering to, with Apple announcing an event for October 27 in the US, which means October 28 in Australia, and you know what that means? Friday tech news, and a great way to start the weekend if you’re really into your computer news.

And if you are, what you can likely expect are a few new computers for both laps and desks, as Apple is expected to overhaul its computer line-up with more than just new hardware on the inside, but some new designs on the outside, too.

We addressed a similar rumour a few months ago, citing the possibility of a new MacBook Pro with some hot new features like the idea of an OLED touch bar, and that is certainly a possibility as Apple is expected to address the rumours of that new MacBook Pro, something that has been circulating like wildfire of recently.

While we won’t exactly know what special “hot” features any new Macs will receive next week are and can only speculate, we have a hunch that the next generation of these computers will include 7th generation Intel Core processors belonging to the “Kaby Lake”set of computer chips, with USB Type C and Thunderbolt 3 — which are technically the same port, albeit with different technology behind each — very likely to take centre stage in each of the products.

It’s not just MacBook-based machines we’re hoping to see an update for, with the iMac very possibly joining both the  MacBook Pro and MacBook Air in the update cycle next week.

Knowing Apple, these will probably be available shortly after announcement, as that’s normally the way things trickle down if Apple releases a computer, preventing you from waiting.

In any case, we’ll let you know the moment we know something, or at least the next morning, with Apple expected to make an announcement at 3am in one week.

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