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Aussie telcos have been rated, so where does yours stand?

Pickr isn’t the only comparison engine in Australia, because while we’re about fair comparisons between phones, there are other systems for phone plans. One such system even has Aussies mobile networks rated.

This week, the customer research and ratings group Canstar Blue has something to talk about, with research taken from 2676 Australian adults revealing which mobile providers are doing well and making us happy, and which are not.

Canstar’s research looked at three specific areas, revealing some interesting results, with customers happy at Virgin when it came to getting a mobile phone with a plan, while Aldi’s mobile network had the most satisfaction for prepaid results followed closely behind by Amaysim.

Over in the world of postpaid service with just a SIM only, Amaysim scored the best result, followed behind by internet service provider iiNet.

One thing that was consistent through Canstar Blue’s research was where Vodafone was positioned, sitting at the bottom of every category.

Across the categories, however, the results went beyond just simple star ratings, with the research receiving comments too, indicating that while the winners did well, few were perfect.

Virgin’s win in its area also included a note of poor reception in some areas, though was highlighted with excellent customer service. Meanwhile, Amaysim’s win picked up comment for good value and helpful service, though customers did say they wished the company sold phones, too.

One piece of useful information from the research does suggest that phone plans with a phone bundled in are the more popular way to go, with more of those surveyed going that way with their current phone.

“Of those we surveyed, just over 850 were using a prepaid SIM-only deal and just over 580 had a post-paid SIM-only deal. More than 1,200, though, had a plan that included a handset as well,” said Megan Doyle, Head of Canstar Blue.

“The sharply growing market of both video and music streaming, as well as social media apps, mean that your data needs in even twelve months can change significantly,” she said, adding “so if anything, overestimate your data needs when you’re comparing plans.”

We’ve put the results below for the entire thing without the comments, but if you’re thinking of switching to a new telco, it’s worth considering whether you need to bundle in a new phone and if it’s worth waiting until something new comes out.

The second half of the year for mobile release is almost here, and with it likely releases for a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, possibly a new entrant from Sony’s Xperia range, and of course at least one new iPhone (iPhone 7) due in September.

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