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Sennheiser’s HD 620S keeps the cord for a big pair of listening cans

A big pair of wired headphones for folks who just love to listen arrives, as Sennheiser readies the HD620S for release.

We live in a wireless world, but that doesn’t mean everything is necessarily better sans cord. Sometimes, you can find something that still works well with a cord attached.

That’s often true with speakers, and it can be true with headphones, too. You can find great headphones without a cord — we review plenty — and there are even great offerings with one.

Sennheiser’s latest could well sit in that last category, as the company details a big pair for folks who love to listen, the HD 620S

While the HD 490 Pro we saw earlier in the year were built more for mixing, the HD 620S has listening in mind, with a 42mm dynamic transducer in a closed back design, distinct from the open-backed approach audiophile-grade headphones often arrive with.

Sennheiser has reportedly gone with a closed design to keep the headphones isolated, but tuned the headphones to sound open, complete with a steel plate handle internal sound reflections and an angled baffle to allow the air to move. The idea is to recreate what a loudspeaker can do, except in a pair of headphones.

They’re wired, mind you, arriving with a 1.8m cable that uses a 2.5mm jack in the headphones to a 3.5mm standard plug, and there’s also a 1/4 inch screw jack for plugging into bigger devices. For folks who need the 4.4mm audiophile connection, ne of those will be coming later in the year.

Price-wise, Sennheiser’s HD 620S will see launch in Australia for $599.95, arriving on June 6.

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