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Panasonic’s latest rice cooker evenly heats, lowers starch

Households with a love for rice may find a new rice cooker not only gives them what they want, but manages to improve their health with a lower starch content, too.

Rice is one of those staples many of us can’t live without, and so making it quickly often means bringing in a gadget to do that job. While you could get out the saucepan, water, and grains, and have a time doing that, technology to the rescue as rice cookers are built for that purpose.

That’s not new — you can get rice cookers pretty much anywhere — though Panasonic is hoping to impress rice lovers with a gadget specifically for cooking grades of rice, and maybe a little bit more, as it launches a compact rice cooker designed to handle up to 1.5 litres of rice through a variety of styles.

Called the SR-HL151KST Rice Cooker, it doesn’t come with a fancy name and more reads like the name of a droid inside the Star Wars universe you’ll instantly forget. However Panasonic hopes you won’t forget about what the small appliance can do, using a three-way heating process to control temperature specifically complete with a type of charcoal (Binchotan Charcoal) to improve the thermal properties and keep the heating controlled.

Meanwhile, there’s also a stainless steel steam basket to separate the starch in rice to cut back on the starch content. You can do this manually, of course, but the approach is also in this gadget, so you needn’t do it yourself, it seems.

Aside for those features, it’ll handle direct settings for white rice, brown rice, long grain ride, multigrain rice, sugar rice, congee, and porridge, plus there’s a little more. Much like how we found its bread cooker could handle more than just your every day loaf, Panasonic’s Rice Cooker with a complex name can steam things and even be used for cake, given some of those features for rice can be applied to more than just rice.

The Panasonic SR-HL151KST Rice Cooker is in stores now, priced from $499 locally.

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