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Samsung A30 smart lock

Samsung opens doors with your phone, fingerprint

The smart home is more than just smart lights, smart speakers, and smart security, as Samsung engages the door lock, too.

If you’re one of those forward-thinking individuals — and these days, who can blame you — there’s a good chance you’re looking at your home and wondering how you can upgrade it. Making your home better isn’t just something that adds value to your home, but also makes it a little more modern, as well, allowing you to add technology to improve how things work around the home.

Essentially, it’s the process of turning your home into a smart home from the standard home you know, changing things that you may already use (or adding them), and connecting them up to the web. That might be replacing a standard light bulb into a smart one you can control with your phone or voice, a doorbell that can tak to your phone and tell you who’s there, or even the door lock.

In fact, in many ways, starting with the door makes a lot of sense, because you’re starting with the one part of your home you use every time you enter and leave.

Smart door locks have been out for a number of years now, but they are still fairly new overall, with only a handful of brands out there with a door lock. Recently, though, Samsung has joined the fray, providing a few options, including one that brings the cost of a digital lock to a little over $500.

Samsung A30 smart lock

That’s coming in the Samsung A30, a smart lock that cuts out the door handle some locks arrive with, and instead offers other ways to open the door, whether it’s a security code, a fingerprint, or opening the lock using a phone, tablet, or voice assistant.

Samsung’s A30 Smart Lock can be connected with other known smart assistants, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and can be set up to work with a fingerprint for easy unlocking, though a PIN can get you in, as well. And if you want to allow family members or friends to get in using the Samsung A30, an app can let you generate PIN codes for visitors or guests, making it ideal for family members and even those times when you’re renting out to Airbnb.

On the security side of things, Samsung has integrated a “randomiser mode” to make it more difficult to guess which numbers have been pressed if a PIN is used, while a lockout mode will disable the keypad for three minutes after five failed attempts. All in all, it might be wise to have that phone charged or a fingerprint coded to the Samsung smart lock if you’re on your way home.

“The A30 smart lock is the next step in creating a truly connected smart home that compliments the needs of busy Australian families,” said Daniel Kim, Global Marketing Manager for Samsung SDS, formerly known as Samsung Data Systems.

“We know that people are looking for tech solutions that offer real value, solve real problems and make everyday life a bit easier,” he said. “The A30 gives people one less thing to worry about.”

Fitting the Samsung A30 smart lock

One thing the Samsung A30 doesn’t give you is a door handle, though it’s also not the only smart door lock available from the company. Other models from Samsung SDS do include them, either hidden in the door as a door knob that can be flattened against the lock itself or integrated as part of the bottom of the lock.

However the category is fairly new for Samsung in Australia, and appears to be expanding gradually.

For now, it’s just the beginning, and offers a smart lock for Australians at a recommended retail price of $569. You’ll find it available at Bunnings across the country now.

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