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Dynaudio’s latest is an exy, sexy retro throwback

Speakers that looks like old speakers don’t come along everyday, but Dynaudio’s latest certainly does that, even if it’ll cost you.

You can find all manner of speakers in the world. Speakers that look like black bars, speakers that look like pieces of art, speakers that look like a bookshelf (and even act like one as well), but if you’re trying to find something that looks and feels like a speaker, you can be excused for wondering where all the old school tech has gone.

Speakers that look old school with wood cabinets and the traditional black drivers inside aren’t necessarily easy to find, but the Danish audio design house that is Dynaudio looks to be bringing it back, provided you have a pretty penny to spend on them.

This week, Dynaudio has announced a new “Heritage Special” breed of speakers, a limited edition set to arrive in 2500 pairs around the world, handmade from sustainable American Walnut and incorporating high-end technology Dyanduio uses in its speakers.

The company says it includes new tweeters and mid/bass drivers, the former being an up-to-date version of its Esotar T330D tweeter, while the latter is a newer take of what’s in Dynaudio’s $125K Evident Platinum range, working alongside a woofer. There’s also a voice coil on glass fibre, magnetic to fine tune the flux and improve clarity, and a crossover for the drivers to remain in sync with each other.

The result is a speaker built for audiophiles, particularly audiophiles looking for a specific look and sound, though also one that will cost a bit. As such, Dynaudio’s Heritage Special will cost Australians $11,000 locally when it arrives at specialist dealers across the country. That’s without the amp or receiver, by the way, so factor that in if this classic speaker appeals to you.

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