Audeze focuses planar magnetic on gaming in Mobius

Audiophiles and gaming don’t always go together, but if you happen to have a foot in each camp, the latest pair from Audeze may well be made for you.

We all have different ears, we all listen to different music, and we all enjoy sound a little differently. That’s just one part of why there are so many different types and makes of headphones, because there are so many ways for you to interpret sound.

You can go with a tiny pair of earphones or even something much bigger, and depending on how much you want to spend, the technology can change dramatically.

In the audiophile world, one of the more intriguing types of headphone technology is that of planar magnetic, whereby the drivers use a silver of material between thin wires to create a magnet that sits on a plane.

Essentially, planar magnetic headphones can improve the range that can be offered, and is can be found on high-end headphones built for music.

But music isn’t the only purpose for planar magnetic, and one of the leaders in headphones made with that technology is showing that gaming can benefit, teaming up with digital signal processing developer Waves for something made for entertainment as well as music.

The headphones are called the “Mobius”, and they’re coming from Audeze, a brand that has specialised in headphones made for music for so long, that shifting into gaming and entertainment is an interesting move, and one that sees some differences compared to Audeze’s other headphones.

For one, the Audeze Mobius are wireless, supporting both Bluetooth wireless and cable-based wired connections, allowing the headphones to work with phones, tablets, computers, and gaming consoles. That’s distinct from Audeze’s regular planar magnetic headphone, which is typically wired.

They also have integrated head tracking, something we’ve not seen on many headphones (if any), with the technology able to track small movements of the head to change the soundscape, emulating a room and positioning the sound inside, offering a sense of dimensionality to the audio.

Match this with the planar magnetic drivers, and you have an audio experience made for entertainment sources beyond that of solely music.

“Mobius provides an unparalleled gaming experience,” said George Poutakidis, Director of Audio and Visual at BusiSoft.

A boom mic is included as part of the package, we’re told, as is a head band that can survive a little more damage than quite a lot of headphones, making it more durable than you might otherwise expect.

You’ll find it in JB HiFi stores and Addicted to Audio in Australia, where the Audeze Mobiles will retail for $599 locally when they launch.