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Amaysim’s low cost pricing goes from mobile service to mobile phones

Your local Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone stores aren’t the only places you’ll be able to buy smartphones from, as Amaysim joins with a plan of its own.

After taking on the prepaid and postpaid services of the bigger telcos, not to mention entering the broadband world with highly competitive National Broadband Network pricing, Amaysim is looking at the hardware we use.

Specifically, it’s looking at the pricing of the phones and tablets in our life, and working out whether it can make it more affordable and economical. And it has a plan for that, with an online store offering phones without being locked in on contracts, complete with financing separate from an Amaysim plan.

“With our new device store, Amaysim will offer customers everything they need to get a great value mobile phone, paired with one of our competitive, no lock-in mobile plans,” said Darren Bell, Commercial Director of Devices at Amaysim.

“We are giving Aussies simplicity and control to choose the phone and plan that is right for their needs,” he said.

The handsets will run for standard pricing, though some will allow people to save, and that’s because mobiles may not necessarily be local, with Amaysim pulling from both local and imported stock sources. That means you might find some phones from an Australian stockist, and you might find others from international sources, saving as much as $300 on new phones, and even as much as $700 in some instances.

And that means you may be able to save a bit of money on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, an Apple iPhone 7, or even a few bucks on one of those new iPhone 8 devices.

For Amaysim customers, that might be just the thing they need to jump to a new phone, especially since Amaysim has never bundled in their phones with their services. And while they still technically don’t, this could be the ledge that allows their customers to make the leap more easily without necessarily forking out the full amount at a retailer.

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