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Samsung’s next Note announced tomorrow, rumours reveal what to expect

The next big thing from Samsung may not be much of a surprise, with leaks left, right, and centre about what the sixth Note will be like.

Here’s what we officially know: Samsung is announcing a new phone this week, and likely a new headset to go with it.

Called the “Galaxy Note 7”, it is actually not the seventh iteration of Samsung’s flagship phablet, but rather the sixth, but the name change is likely to pull the Note series in line with the other flagships, so as not to leave the phone names out of kilter.

And outside of it being announced tomorrow, that is all we officially know.

What we unofficially know, however, is pretty strong, because thanks to a series of leaks via Twitter user @OnLeaks, there’s a good chance we know every last detail about Samsung’s new baby.

French technology website NowhereElse has one of the leaks, with the images revealing a Galaxy Note more like the Galaxy S7 Edge in design, with a curved screen and a pen at the bottom. The microUSB port has been changed, with USB Type C replaced at the bottom.

As far as technology is concerned, there’s a strong likelihood that this will essentially be an updated edition of Galaxy S7 Edge, with a new version of Samsung’s Exynos processor, more memory and storage, and perhaps a slightly bigger screen and battery.

With the change in USB port, we’re also expecting an updated edition of the Gear VR headset, though the current rumour is Samsung may have worked out a way to keep compatibility for the previous microUSB smartphones, which will be very interesting all the same.

We’ll know more tomorrow, though, so stay tuned for a write-up on the phone (or phones?!) being announced, and a little bit more too!

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