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Xmas for dogs

Pickr 2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Pet Owners

Do you know someone who loves their dog, cat, bunny, mouse, or fish as much as their family? Pet tech might be a great gift idea, and these options could help.

Doglite Mini Dog LED Collar

Doglite LED collar

Price: from $19

Not a complicated gadget, the Mini Dog LED collar is a collar with an LED strip ideal for walks and runs at night.

It runs on the small and easily replaced CR2032 batteries, and while you shouldn’t be running it all day long, it’s designed to last a good 60 hours, meaning a good 60 one hour walks with pups.

Tile Sticker Tracker

Tile Sticker tracker

Price: $55

The Tile tracker has long been a reliable way to track objects using the power of the crowd. The technology works by having phones keep a track of other Tiles in the background, essentially having other phones create a list of where locations are without them being aware of it.

This year, Tile added a “sticker” into the mix, which is a tiny tracker you can easily affix to anything, be it a dog or cat dollar, or even the shell of a turtle.

While it lacks the tracking of a GPS system, the Tile Sticker tracker is a cost-effective approach to tracking where things are, and comes in a two pack.

Cheerble Wicked Ball Automatic Ball

Cheerble Wicked Ball

Price: $79-$120

Need to give a pet a little bit of fun while you’re away? A plushy can help, but playtime is where the real action, particularly with a ball.

Balls generally mean someone needs to be around to roll them, but the Cheerble Wicked Ball is an automated ball that rolls and plays with the dog when they start playing. Essentially, the Wicked Ball responds to their swipes and nuzzling by lighting up and rolling around, giving them some much needed playtime either when you’re not there, or are, you know, asleep.

Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo dog camera

Price: $249-$500

Made primarily for dogs, but usable with other pets, too, the Furbo is a little like a security camera and interactive play thing for dogs.

It looks a little like a vase and features a small reservoir for food, with a camera at the front as well. You log in with your phone, and can speak to your dog remotely, even firing off little treats at them when you’re not there.

Think of it as one of the many security systems out there, but with a bit of a canine twist.

Sure Petcare Microchip Pet Door

Price: $309-$500

So many animals are microchipped these days, so why not use a dog or cat door equipped to read those chips?

The Sure Petcare Microchip Pet Door is a door that allows you to authorise specific microchips, affording your cat or dog entry, and you can even get RFID tags to authorise access if they’re not.

What’s more, if you’re not there or on holiday, and you can stop other animals from entering by locking down the door entirely.

iFetch Too

iFetch Too

Price: $400-$500

Some animals need a lot of playtime, and quite a bit of running. If you’re content to let that furry friend play by themselves, or just watch them kick up a bit of a frenzy while playing fetch, the iFetch Too can help.

Drop a ball or two in, and it will start firing it out for the dog to play fetch. The dog can even come back and drop the ball in itself, essentially playing by itself with the automated ball throwing gadget that it is.

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