the beatles arrive on  atmos music

how giles martin brings new mixes  to spatial audio

Technology can change the way you experience something you know and love provided you give it enough time. In the case of Dolby Atmos, you can change the way you experience music by going beyond stereo.

In Atmos, sound is positioned around your head in 3D.

You can experience sound in more than stereo's two dimensions.

For the legendary performances of  The Beatles, it means remixing and experiencing the  music in a new way.

And it starts here, where Giles Martin, the son of legendary Beatles producer George Martin is making it happen.

Giles Martin

By placing instruments and sounds in different positions around your head, the music experience changes.

Match it with the sound of the studio, and the songs become something different.

According to Martin, remixing an original Beatles track can range from taking half a day to three days, or a whole lot longer if you feel you get it wrong. “It really does vary,” he said.

Giles Martin

The Beatles "1" is available now on ApplE music  in Dolby Atmos

Clips courtesy of Apple Music