What does an NBN SCAM CALL sound like?

How scam calls sound What NBN scammers want What you should do

Recently, we received an NBN scam telling us our internet connection had been taken over. It started with an automated message before being connected to someone who told us our NBN connection had  been hijacked for  criminal purposes.

unmute to listen to  a recreation of a scam call

The so-called NBN Specialist wanted us to type “my 1p address location” into Google, and then read the results. In short, he wanted us to read the results of a webpage, and suggest that those details were our own.

That's not how the internet works.

What the search will find

A search for "my 1p address location" is close enough to a search for your IP address, but also not.  The result you'll get won't actually be your IP address, but rather someone else's. It's actually Google's IP address. This very specific search gives scammers the script to convince you that your NBN is compromised, because the on-screen IP location is coming up as Mountain View, California, not where you live in Australia.

If you’ve reached this point, hang up. The call doesn’t get more legitimate.  If anything, it just gets worse.

From there, the call escalates into transferring you to another so-called specialist, who can sound convincing and authoritative, but isn't.  It's yet another scammer, and one hoping to either scam you out of money or connect to your computer and make your life more difficult overall.  Hang up, it’s easier that way.

What do scammers want?

Money. NBN scammers want your money, and they'll try to get it by putting fear into you. But the NBN would never call you. Your internet provider might, but they are not the NBN, and the NBN won't call you to say your connection has been hijacked. This is just a scam.  If someone calls up saying they're from the NBN, hang up.