The same but different

Samsung's Galaxy S22+ reviewed

Written by Leigh :) Stark February 28, 2022

Taking a familiar design but updating it slightly, the Samsung Galaxy S22+ isn’t going to totally surprise if you’ve seen last year’s model, the S21, but it is a pleasing look all the same.

It’s a similar style of device, but with a more obvious and firm metal band around the sides, which in our model was a 7.6mm gold band that helped it look shiny and schmick.

Google’s Android 12 arrives on the S22+ out of the box, and with it Samsung’s One UI, which delivers a nice, clean, and simple style for Android you can customise.

Armed with that Gen 1 Snapdragon 8 and 8GB RAM, the S22+ is unsurprisingly no slouch, delivering super swift speed in almost everything you do.

More than the speed, however, the camera is one area that we expect people to really pay close attention to when they consider a new phone this year.

You’ll find a 50 megapixel camera instead of the 12 megapixel in last year’s S21, which isn’t quite the 108 megapixel of the S22 Ultra, but is a little better than simply 12.

Image quality isn't bad on the S22+...

But isn't quite as strong as competitors.

You'll likely get a day of battery life from the S22+ battery, meaning a nightly charge is likely.

Orange Lightning
Orange Lightning

But there are also things missing in action in the Samsung  Galaxy S22+

Things like mmwave 5G

It was on the Pixel 6 Pro.

The camera could be faster, too.

Overall,  the Galaxy S22+  is still a nice phone, though it’s one that doesn’t really shake up the formula too much.