Google Calendar & Drive scams return

What are they? What can you do?

There’s no letting up in the things scammers will try, but if you get a sudden invite to click on a random calendar entry or a random file shared to yout drive, don’t click.

Imagine if your calendar was filled with spam. Everyday. Spam. Criminals are doing just that. 

You'll go from this...

To this...

And your Google Drive can get scammed too... 

What are these, and what can you do?

It's a type of scam that is annoying, but not necessarily harmful, and works like this: A scammer shares either a calendar invite or file with your email address, and Google Mail picks up on the share, adding it either to your calendar or to your Google Drive file shares. You don't have to know the scammer, and you probably won't anyway.  The focus is to get you to click on a link that has been sent your way.  It's not a harmful scam, but it's definitely annoying.

While it may be frustrating and confusing to see random calendar invites clogging up your schedule, don’t be too hasty to click on the meeting details, or your curiosity could put your personal information at risk of being compromised.

Alex Merton-McCann Cyber Safety Advocate, McAfee

Remove yourself from the calendar entry and get rid of the share on Google Drive.  That'll put a stop to what the criminals can do with this scam.

Interacting with the invite in any way could be dangerous, so instead of ‘rejecting’ the invitation it is best to simply delete them.

Alex Merton-McCann Cyber Safety Advocate, McAfee

Like with most things, the best advice is to be sensible and only click on what you know. If a calendar entry pops up all of a sudden that you don’t know, remove yourself from the entry so it doesn’t bother you. There’s a solid chance Google wil eventually clear it for you, but until it does, it might just sit there tempting you to click.  Don’t. The same goes for those Google Drive scams, because while they may be largely harmless, it’s your curiosity that could pay them a click, and leave you slightly in the lurch.