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Beats Fit Pro earphones reviewed

Written by Leigh :) Stark March 1, 2022

Need a pair of truly wireless earphones that stay put and sound great?  The Beats Fit Pro could be one of the best value pairs yet, delivering performance and price in a seriously strong way.

Running without cords or cables, the Beats Fit Pro is another truly wireless earphone option you can find today, relying on Apple’s H1 wireless sound chip for earphones and headphones, and connecting to both Apple and Android devices with support for up to 6 hours battery and 18 more in the case.

The fit is also something worth talking about, because while the Fit Pro relies on a pair of in-earphone style of tips,  Beats has also included a wing to hold them in place, helping the fit.

When you listen, you’ll find a performance in the Beats Fit Pro which is so good, you might say Beats has taken what worked in Apple’s AirPods Pro and just applied it to a new template.

These aren't all about that bass. they're great.

They even support spatial audio.

With head-tracking in Apple Music on iOS!

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And priced at a good $100 below the $399 Apple AirPods Pro, the Beats Fit Pro are basically AirPods Pro without wireless charging, but with almost every other feature.

Without a doubt, these are my new favourites, delivering sound and value in spades.  For $299, Beats has built a genuinely compelling pair of earphones worth checking out.